Sequoia Trip

Sequoias all around the campfire
SequoiasCrystal Caverns
Sequoias Three Amigos
SequoiasViewing the trees
SequoiasView from Morrow Rock
SequoiasLots of trees
SequoiasHanging out in Ron's tent

2003 Sequoia Family Camping Trip

sequoias sequoias

We decided to have a family Vacation up in the Sequoia National Park. Randy, Sonja, Jade, Kristin, Dave, Matt, Mom, Uncle Jim and I all made the trip. Every day was a new activity. We explored a Crystal Caverns and Morrow Rock. Everyone enjoyed the tall sequoias at the park. randy , Dave and i took a hike upstram from our campground. randy and I jumped off a boulder into the cold water below (couldn't talk Dave into it so he took pics).

Mom hung around camp most of the time, she really couldn't do the hikes, but uncle Jim kept her company. Everyone had a great time. I am ready for another trip.

Morrow rock  pan
High Sierras