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Leica Trip to Germany

While working for Reed's Cameras in Walnut Creek, I was selected to travel to Germany and attend Leica School. The camera company Leica used to pick top sales people around the country and pay for a week attending their Leica school and facility with all expenses paid. Leica School is normally offered to select sales people and Leica camera owners who want to become certified"Leica Masters".

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Lindberg Cathedral
Solm Germany

The classes were held in Solm(their headquarters and main factory)and about 5 hours long Then we collected the Leica gear we wanted to use and headed off to a destination to photograph. They took us to a couple of castles, a cathedral, the town of Braunfels (the original site of Leica), the Minox factory, and the country side.

We stayed in Braunfels in an old Post Office converted into an Inn. There was a castle at the end of the road and a beautiful little village surrounding us.

Leica wined and dined us all week taking us to many wonderful restaurants including one in the dungeon of the oldest castle in Germany. The trip was only 7 days long and everyone wished they could stay just a little longer. Jan and I plan on retuning one of these years. It was a great experience.

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