Mexico Cruise 2016

Whales Cliff Divers
Whales Jan and Liz Kayaking
EnsenadaSunset at Sea
dining on shipMatzalan Church
ship picCrowne Princess

BTA Cruise 2016


after taking a year off we were excited to be doing the BTA Cruise again. since Jan isn't a current member we did have to pay more, but Jan got to Enjoy the whole cruise and not join any meetings! liz and Paaul came along as well so we helped them out on thier first Cruise.


Our first stop was Puerto Valllarta (our favorite). We decided to do the Las Caletas tour since Paul and Liz weree joining us. we have done it twice before and knew all would enjoy the excursion.

This year Princess started going to Matzalan once again. There is much more to see in Matzalan than Ensenada. On our 2nd stop in matzalan we we did a van tour to show Paul and Liz all of the sights. We stopped at the church, golden zone, cliff Divers, historical district and finished the day off at a rfestaurant on the beach.

we decided to stay on the boat while docked at Cabo San Lucas. It was nice having the pool and boat pretty much to ourselves.

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