Tecate Trip

Cabo Marina Docked at Puerto Vallarta
WhalesCabo San Lucas Marina
EnsenadaCabo San Lucas Marina
dining on shipCabo San Lucas Marina
ship picCabo San Lucas Marina
ship picCabo San Lucas Marina

Rosarita Beach, Ensenada, and Tecate

janjohn Jan, some friends, and I took off for a weekend drive to Mexico. We booked hotels in Rosarita Beach and Ensenada.john

Our first stop was Rosarita Beach. We spent the day and night partying at all of the places. Jan and I got the penthouse suite at the hotel ( 89.99) which had an outdoor jacuzzi. The next day we were off to La Bufadora ,then to El Corral Resort and Marina. Our stay at the resort was nice. This is a 3+ star hotel for only 120 a night. We all rested from the night before, laying out by the pool or getting massages. We decided to drive back on highway 3 which winds through the barren countryside ending up in Tecate. We toured the Tecate Factory , had a nice lunch and headed home.

rosarita beach
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