Cambria Trips

Cabo Marina Sunset Cambria
Sea Lion CambriaSea Lion Cambria
Big Sur Coast Big Sur Coast
San SimeonSan Simeon
Harbor SealHarbor Seal South Cambria
Hearst CastleHearst Castle
Highway 46Highway 46
Sea GullSea Gull

Cambria Trips

sunset Cambria

Since my dad lives up in Cambria Ca., we have visited many times over the years.


Cambria is located on the central coast between San Luis Obispo and Big Sur. This is a small beautiful coastal town with lots of art galleries. The 2 gas stations are the only "franchise " stores in town. The rest are locally owned and operated.

The nice thing about Cambria is there are plenty of places to visit. You can venture north to Hearst Castle, sea lions, and Big Sur. To the south you have Kyukos, Morrow Bay, and San Luis Obispo. This isn't to say there isn't anything in Cambria. The local beaches are very pretty. Nit Wit Ridge , a house built entirely of refuse, is worth the trip. downtown has plenty of art galleries, shops and eateries.

Cambria is also known for the sea lions that populate the shores north of town. You can view different ones pretty much all year long.

New Trip! - April 2016 Headed up to Cambria for a couple of days to see dad and pat. stayed in Cayucos 1 night, and 2 in San Simeon.

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