Mexico Cruise 2011

Cabo MarinaCabo San Lucas Marina
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ship picCabo San Lucas Marina

BTA Cruise 2011


This year the Carnival Mexican Riviera cruise switched to a new cruise ship. the new boat {name of Boat} was nice , but a little gaudy for my tastes. It was fun having a new ship to explore. I did like the spa service. for a fee I got a pass to the private saunas, aroma rooms, and spas. I spent most of the day while Jan was in meetings relaxing in the spa.

Our Puerto Vallarta excursion this year was spending the day a Las Caletas Resort. this was a remote spot south of Puerto Vallarta only accessible by boat. There was snorkeling, kayaking, food and drink.

This year they had to bypass Matzalan because of local unrest. We headed to Cabo San Lucas for 2 days. Because we had VIP passes we were able to go straight to the tenders, others had a 2 hour wait the first day. We rented a water taxi to take us to Lover's Beach. We hung out and explored the area for 3 hours before heading back.

The second day at Cabo we went shopping downtown and around the marina.

bta pan
Lover's Beach