Family Mexico Cruise

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2002 Family Mexico Cruise

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Our family cruise in 2002 was to the Mexican Riviera aboard the Royal Caribbean "Vision of the Sea". Sonja put the whole thing together and did a wonderful job. My mom and cousin Debbie shared a room. My son Matt and his girlfriend Karina came along. Dave, my brother,and Dorcey shared a room. Sonja, Randy, my twin brother, their kids, jade and Karin, and a lot of Sonja's relatives were also there. This was a 7 day Mexican Riviera cruise with stops at Cabo San Lucas, Matzalan, and Puerto Vallarta. There are 3 sea days spent playing on the ship. This was my first trip, so I was excited to being trying something new. I loved the cruise and had a great time. Since then I have been on 7 other cruises, with more planned in the future.

Our first stop on the cruise was Cabo San Lucas. Everyone else headed for the beach while Matt, Karina, Loren and I waited at the designated spot for a ride to our horseback riding tour. The horseback riding tour started at a local resort and we led our horses about a mile down the beach. Since I knew how to ride, the tour guides let me break the line and run my horse to the water and along the shore for the ride back. It was a lot of fun. We checked out the downtown area for a while then headed back to the ship.

Matzalan was our 2nd stop on the cruise. matt and Karina went on their own tour. Randy, Sonja, the Kids, Loren and I rented a cab to the downtown area and to the church. We hung around the church awhile taking pictures and exploring the surrounding area. This is a beautiful building . Afterwards Sonia and the kids took a cab back to the ship, while the three of us walked back to the ship. The walk back was very enjoyable. we saw lots of colorful homes and shops. The area close to the pier is upper middle class , so you get to see some nicer homes than most areas of the city.

Puerto Vallarta was the last stop on the cruise. I was amazed of how tropical it was compared to the other 2 stops. Myself, Matt, Karina, Loren, Randy's family , Dave, Dorsey, Cousin Debbie and mom all decided to rent a van that took us down to Mismaloya beach. The windy Rd.. takes you through some slum areas, some ultra-rich areas before reaching the beach. This is a nice beach with lounge chairs, umbrellas, food, and water activities. Matt and I rented some jet skies and raced around the cove. Karina was more adventurous, taking a parasail ride around the area.. everyone else relaxed and ate the day away.

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Mismaloya Beach